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], [video: background fades into a view of the playground from the sidewalk. ], [video: view point looks up through the doorway into the Sugarcube Centrifuge at the cargo net climbers inside. ], [video: View continues to pan across the top of the water showing more of the city skyline. Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reads: presents. With an average of 20 years of experience, our playground consultants are knowledgeable and personable. Scene switches to a young girl climbing up onto the play structure stilts. The Fog Bridge gives visitors a unique way to experience the East River and highlights the park’s structure below. New York City can be tough to get around, especially when you’re a visitor trying to sightsee. We offer the widest range of park and playground equipment to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage skill-building and create unique outdoor experiences. View point changes to the other side of the playground structures and pans left to right down the side of all three play structures. Cargo net climbers and the interior spiral staircase can be seen inside the silo. Last Summer, Two Trees bought the Domino Sugar Factory site in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to be developed into a new mix-use master plan. Scene switches to a view through a tubular cargo net climber tunnel of a boy climbing away from the camera. Outer wall material fades back to full opacity. Landscape Structures logo fades into the middle of the screen. View point stops panning once the steps of the Sugarcube Centrifuge are in view. Scene switches to a full elevated view of the playground. Domino Park is the first phase of the transformation of the former Domino Sugar Factory site along Brooklyn’s East River into an ambitious mixed-use development project by Two Trees Management. It zooms out to show the playground and the surrounding side walk and park features. The park’s name comes from the Domino Sugar Refinery, the sugar factory that once stood in the same location. Stainless steel slides look just like industrial pipes. The view pans right to left out from under the bridge and across the harbor. Am I allowed to be here?". The Tacocina team presses its own tortillas to-order, using a heritage breed of corn from coastal Oaxaca in southern Mexico. Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. On-screen text: From the Sugar Cane Cabin to the Sweetwater Silo to the Sugarcube Centrifuge. ‘Tis the season New Yorkers unfurl their wallets in the spirit of giving—be it to donate or buy gifts for their loved ones—and while they may be sure-footed in that spending, they stumble when it comes to how much to tip the building staff. Together, we’ll create a destination playground that’s as individual as your imagination! Casts of original factory valves are scattered throughout. Inspired by artist Mark Reigelman’s interpretation of the historic Domino Sugar Factory, Landscape Structures designed it into playable reality. Single Layer … Product configurations may vary. Field Operations' landscape design for the park pays homage to the Domino Sugar Factory, which was built in the 1880s and was formerly the largest sugar refinery in … The view point fades the top of the silo and overhead cargo net climbers. The Domino Park portion of the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment project began right after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and “that impacted how we … A site of incredible significance to the growth and development of the entire Brooklyn waterfront. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. The Domino Sugar Factory (which went by many other names over the years), dates back to 1856. Two Trees’ waterfront park at Domino Sugar Factory mega-project opens Three banks buy $175M in state bonds for Domino Sugar site project TRD Staff | April 13, 2018 09:00AM ], [video: view point changes to panning of the Sweetwater silo. Scene switches to a boy as he spins a wheel on the outside of the sweetwater silo.]. Reclaimed sugar refining and industrial materials, as well as various timber pieces, are just some of the relics salvaged from the factory and placed in the park to pay homage to its origins. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The view point pans fully across the entire side of the playground structures. Built on the site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, the park is a tribute to the diversity and resiliency of generations of Domino workers, their families and their neighborhood. We can help you create playground designs unique to your community! In all, when completed, the megaproject will include 2,800 rental units across four residential buildings (700 of which will be affordable), 200,000 square feet of retail, and 600,000 square feet of commercial space. The playground is providing an opportunity for these parents and their kids to interact in ways that would unlikely to happen otherwise. Williamsburg » Domino Factory Art Exhibition to Open Days Before Final Council Vote At its apex, the refinery produced four million pounds of sugar daily, and Domino Sugar supplied 98% of the sugar consumed in the United States. Cantilevered off of 21 columns preserved from the Domino factory’s original Raw Sugar Warehouse, the walkway allows visitors to enjoy the view from above, with an especially beautiful perspective of the river, the skyline and the park itself. [video: scene switches to a top down view of a boy as he walks up the spiral belted steps inside the silo shaped play structure.]. With a sugar-factory-inspired playground, kid-friendly water feature, open lawn, urban beach, taqueria from Danny Meyer, and so much more, we suspect this new Brooklyn park is about to become one of the top fun things to do with kids this season. Preview James Corner Field Operations’ New Brooklyn Park Metropolis toured the soon-to-open six-acre park, which features a 1,200-foot-long esplanade and a series of industrial "artifacts" salvaged from the Domino Sugar factory. To young boys begin climbing up the cargo net crawl tunnel towards the play structure. The tower adjacent to One South First—located on the same site—is Ten Grand, a 24-story office building with 18 office floor suites, bike storage, outdoor terraces, and private rooftop cabanas for rent. She smiles up at her father who reaches over to tickle her. Step 3: Centrifuge - centrifugal action is used at the end of the process to separate the syrup and sugar crystals into raw sugar and molasses. Step 1: Sugar cane - sugar cane enters the facility and is cleaned, washed, cut and processed. “I asked about the things their kids are most excited to play with at playgrounds. And it's not because they're concerned about the safety of their kids… they are having fun.”, “The joy and the reward of having something like this in real space is amazing.”, “There is a cross section of people at this playground that is really unique,” said Reigelman. Domino Sugar Refinery A remnant of Brooklyn’s sugar production industry, the Domino Sugar Refinery structure has prominently stood on the borough’s waterfront since the … Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. About Domino Sugar Factory Redevelopment Plan With the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Factory, Two Trees Management is creating a spectacular, 11-acre, mixed-use community just north of the Williamsburg Bridge Phone 516-338-1630 ], [video: scene switches to a boy as he holds onto the camera facing himself as he rides down a stainless-steel slide.]. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. “Two Trees really believed that the playground could be the social epicenter of the park,” said Reigelman. Text appears that reads: An area of New York that had been run down and forgotten until...], [video: background fades from the water front. Factory workers were often immigrants, and they toiled in difficult, and often dangerous, conditions. The Williamsburg waterfront megaproject is making steady progress. Camera switches and focuses on a child’s feet walking on the ropes and belted zones inside the play structure. Both towers share some of their amenities, including a resident’s lounge. And to help carry on the story of the factory as well as help with wayfinding, they used words from the original factory signage inside the playstructures. On-Screen text: Situated along the east river. If you’ve ever taken a boat tour along the East River, you will probably have noticed a large empty factory building in the distance shortly after passing the Manhattan Bridge. Domino Park which is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was created in the former area of the Domino Sugar Refinery. Photo by Max Touhey Williamsburg officially has a … Its white facade features angled precast concrete and large windows, loosely inspired by sugar crystals as a nod to the site’s history. This was one of our favorite parks we visited on our trip. Domino Sugar Refinery could have a skate park and custom designed offices. An animated person skateboards down the sidewalk. Built in 1856 on the Williamsburg waterfront, the Domino Sugar Factory, first owned by the American Sugar Refining Company, was one of the largest sugar manufacturing facilities in the world. View point changes to outside the fence of the playground where it zooms in to the second playground structure the Sweetwater Silo. Offices have floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping views of Brooklyn and Manhattan’s skyline. Scene switches to a top down view of the young boy climbing down a SwiggleKnots Bridge rope inside the silo structure. “We want them to feel like they are part of the process.”Reigelman collaborated with a team of experts including Landscape Structures to refine the playground design to ensure that it could be engineered to meet all the appropriate safety standards. The tower, which was completed in September, is interlocked with another building, Ten Grand, dedicated to office space. That has been an awesome observation and has opened my eyes to the opportunity for public art and social engagement.”. A huge piece of the project is the Domino Park Playground, which was designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mark A. Reigelman II. Everything in our custom design process is driven by your goals and ideas. How much to tip your building staff this holiday season. The park features an ADA accessible elevated walkway, beach volleyball, a bocce court and four-season turf field, two water features, a dog run and restaurant. View point switches to underneath an overhead side walk with the playground in the background. Inspired by extensive Scene switches as the camera follows behinds a young boy as he crawls up a playground ramp. It was beautiful industrial chaos and I thought ‘this is the playground!’”. Seagulls and boat horns can be heard in the background. Video features the animation of the future playground at Domino Park in Brooklyn New York. The chefs at Domino® Sugar have put together our best recipes, tips and info to help you have the best holiday season ever. Video features the Domino Park playground inspired by artist Mark Reigelman’s interpretation of the historic Domino Sugar Factory, Landscape Structures designed it into playable reality. The 11-acre megaproject, developed by Two Trees, includes Domino Park, four new buildings, and a total renovation of the interiors of the 138-year-old Domino Sugar Refinery, which closed in 2004 and became a city landmark in 2007. Some of the retailers on its ground floor include craft beer shop Mekelburg’s and Missy Robbins’s restaurant Misi. It's great how consistent we stayed throughout the design and engineering process.”. Scene switches to a girl as she swings on overhead ring pull handles underneath a play structure. Domino Park is a five-acre public park that spans the Domino Sugar Factory site in North Williamsburg, unlocking the East River waterfront for the first time in 160 years. Royal Icing view. New images released of Domino Sugar site public waterfront park April 20, 2017 11th Construction Worker Death of 2016 Construction worker falls and dies at former Domino Sugar Factory … Two stainless steel slides protruding from upper decks and upper portion of the silo shaped play structures.]. Designed by renowned artist Mark Reigelman, Domino Park Playground, commonly referred to as Sweetwater, pays homage to the Domino Sugar Factory and the history of the sugar manufacturing with each portion taking children through a fun-filled representation of the sugar refining process. Skip the stress of finding your way with this easy-to-exchange voucher for a Big Bus ticket. Both COOKFOX and Two Trees intended to create a space where the tenants of the office tower and the residential one could interact. Scene switches to a view up to two boys as they stand on a belted zone inside the second play structure. An intricate web of belting, nets and climbers lets kids scramble from the sugar shack up to the masher tower and over to the centrifuge. Although Domino Park just opened to the public in June 2018, there is no lack of history to be found. This suspended catwalk runs from the Gantry Cranes at the north end of the park to the platform above Tacocina. Eggnog view. Help For The Holidays. The boy walks over to a chin up bar and begins lifting himself up. “And they wanted to do it right.”. Domino Park which is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was created in the former area of the Domino Sugar Refinery. “I used social media to reach out to parents,” explained Reigelman. Scene switches as the camera focuses on the back of a boy as he climbs on SwiggleKnots Bridge ropes inside the play structure. [video: scene begins with a view of the Domino Park signage. The windows offer stunning views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. Construction is underway now on the inside of the building, which up until recently still smelled like burnt sugar. Scene switches to a full elevated view of the playground positioned next to the East River. ], [video: scene switches to a father sitting on the ground below some swinging ring handles. Father picks up his child, so he can grab the ring swing handles on the underside of the middle play structure. He was approached by Two Trees Management, the owner and operator of the park, to bring his design and creativity to the playground project. Step 2: Rotary filter - cut sugar cane goes through a series of hot liquid decanters and rotary filters. On-screen text: and aluminum molds made from salvaged valve wheels. I received hundreds of responses, and slides and swings, or swing-like things, rose to the top.”, “A play space can be as engaging for parents as it is for kids. Designed by James Corner Field Operations, the same landscape architects behind the High Line, the public park features, among other things, an elevated walkway, a sugar refinery-themed playground, a splash pad, and Tacocina, an eatery from famed restauranteur Danny Meyer. Scene fades to a young boy smiling and eating a snack. We’ve created a global network of local playground experts to be at your side, every step of the way. Inspired by artist Mark Reigelman’s interpretation of the historic Domino Sugar Factory, Landscape Structures designed it into playable reality. The Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn is one of New York city’s architectural icons. [video: scene fades into a view underneath the Brooklyn Bridge with the city skyline in the background. Stainless-steel slides look just like industrial pipes. The camera zooms in on the two boys as they climb to the top of the cargo net crawl tunnel. domino sugar factory's waterfront park nears completion as opening date announced architecture 0 shares Feb 11, 2018 SHoP architects completes doughnut-shaped '325 … On-screen text: Each designed to resemble part of the actual factory. ], [video: Background fades into an outdoor patio with picnic tables and umbrellas with a Taco Cina restaurant in the background. Then Reigelman focused on how to lay out the play experiences in a way that was relevant and fixated on the sugar refinery process. 265 Post Ave Ste 365 Westbury, NY 11590 Built in 1856 by the Havemeyer family, it was the first of dozens of sugar refineries that contributed to the area’s emergence in the nineteenth century as the industrial center of the Port of New York. Domino Park is the first phase of the transformation of the former Domino Sugar Factory site along Brooklyn’s East River into an ambitious mixed-use development project by Two Trees Management. Camera switches to a full aerial view of the tops of the three play structures. Cantilevered off of 21 columns preserved from the Domino factory’s original Raw Sugar Warehouse, the walkway allows visitors to enjoy the view from above, with an especially beautiful perspective of the river, the skyline and the park itself. All reviews domino sugar williamsburg bridge east river all ages manhattan skyline sunny day worth the trip factory dominos refinery playground dusk gentrification stroll picnic subway ferry Domino Park: Old Domino Sugar Factory Converted - See 75 traveler reviews, 187 candid photos, and great deals for Brooklyn, NY, at Tripadvisor. view. A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby This work by Kara Walker at the former Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is dominated by a sphinx meant to symbolize a … Following a residential rezoning of the area in 2010, Two Trees bought the site in 2012 with plans to transform it into a larger megaproject. The Waterfront Preservation Alliance and the Landmarks Conservancy agree that a huge development would destroy the history and architectural legacy of the Domino Sugar Factory. Eight years after the factory closed in 2004, the plot was purchased by Brooklyn-based Two Trees Management, which spent US$50 million to establish the new park and currently manages it. Domino Park Playground. It spans a quarter mile along the East River near the Williamsburg Bridge, at … Artifacts from the old Domino factory, including syrup tanks and gantry cranes, will be … Read on for more information on each of them. USA If you’ve ever taken a boat tour along the East River, you will probably have noticed a large empty factory building in the distance shortly after passing the Manhattan Bridge. The NYC summer just got a little sweeter with the news that Domino Park on Williamsburg’s waterfront will be open to the public on Sunday, June 10. Additionally, he reached out to his family and friends to ask them what they, as parents, look for when visiting a playground. The view point pans right to left from the Taco Cina restaurant and eating patio area over a dividing garden wall to the sidewalk off the harbor. Now, as part of the area’s redevelopment, a glass and steel tower is being built inside the landmarked structure. Scene switches to the camera panning up to the wooden sugar cane cabin and sweetwater silo. As the camera pans over the three structures text appears by each part of the playground showcasing its name.]. ], [video: scene switches to a view up to a boy climbing on the play structure cargo nets. Designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman, the playground is a fun journey through the 150 years of sugar production that happened on this site. Text appears on screen that reads: Domino Park is built on the grounds of the former Domino Sugar Refinery. Holiday Classics To Cap Off Your Meal. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you The design started with an industrial aesthetic and incorporated the above process, which lead to the creation of the three main play areas—the Sugar Cane Cabin, Sweetwater Silo and Centrifuge. For generations, the site was occupied by the Domino Sugar Factory, which refined some 1.8 million kilograms of sugar every day at its apex. The outer sheeting fades back to full opacity. For generations, the site was occupied by the Domino Sugar Factory, which refined some 1.8 million kilograms of sugar every day at its apex. Located on the former Domino Sugar Refinery site just north of the Williamsburg Bridge, the park’s location is an important part of Brooklyn history. [video: scene switches to view of a wooden house representing the sugar cane cabin built upon stilts connected to the silo with a stainless-steel crawl tunnel. Domino Park is a 6-acre (2.4 ha) public park in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. “Long-term Brooklyn residents of various backgrounds and borough newcomers are all gathering and enjoying the social experience and unbelievable views. One South First topped out this week at the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment along the waterfront. Located within Domino Park, Brooklyn’s new waterfront park surrounding the historic Domino Sugar Refinery, Tacocina offers a laid-back setting for tacos, snacks, Mexican beer, and cocktails enjoyed outdoors or to-go. On-screen text: An exciting and safe spot for everyone to enjoy the historic spirit of this location.

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