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But before you do so you must obtain a “Certificate of Occupancy” from your local municipality. 5. A certificate of competence for lifts and boilers be shared with departments as evidence of functionality. If you have a business ensure your land usage and zoning are correct. This applies whether you are moving in yourself or putting in a tenant. Johannesburg - Concerned Vosloorus residents have started a petition for Ayanda Junior Academy to be given an approval of occupancy certificate by the Ekurhuleni … Ensure that once property has been built that you obtain an “Occupancy Certificate”. Certificates of occupancy to be shared with OHS officials 6. 4. It involves many City departments and outside agencies, and it may include a separate Planning process. Building Line Relaxation. Just about everybody has heard of zones and zoning in relation to property, but the average property buyer or owner has little – if any – clear knowledge of what the different zones are, if and when one needs to apply for any form of zoning or re-zoning, and how to go about this task. Ekurhuleni Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe said in terms of the National Building Regulations an owner of a property must submit building plans to the local council for approval before the erection or alteration of any building on a property. It is recommended that final payments to builders be made only after the final inspection has been carried out and a certificate of occupancy is issued Request a final inspection from Building Development Management and produce applicable certificates (engineers completion certificate, glazing, roof, certificates of compliance electricity). provide a certificate of occupancy, if one is required for your project. Maintenance & fire equipment servicing schedule to be shared with departments. Implement recommendations of the DOL: Prohibition notice for BOL We offer a number of services in the built environment (SDP, Building Plans, Section 7/6, Heritage, Demolition, Certificate of Occupancy, Consent Use,... Read more Other related businesses in and around Ekurhuleni / Germiston Why is the permit process so complex? Vacant land is charged at 0.012% of your land value. Application for Certificate of occupancy for Mass Contracted Low Cost Housing projects funded by means of National Housing Capital Subsidies (RDP) ... Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. Building Lines form part of the Town Planning Scheme for a property, and it is a set distance from any one of your boundaries within which no structure is allowed to be constructed (other than a 1,8m high boundary wall). "certificate of registration" means a certificate issued by the Chief Fire Officer in terms of section 24 of these by­laws which authorises a person to occupy registered premises, or to use the premises for spray­painting activities or for the storage or handling of dangerous goods, by having complied to all fire related requirements. 7. Application for Certificate (pdf) Fire Prevention Application for Permit (pdf) CSDCMAC form 2018 (pdf) Fire Safety Registration Form (pdf) Landlord Registration Form (pdf) Non-Life Hazard Use Form (pdf) General Block Party Request Form - 2019.docx (docx) OPRA Request Form (pdf) This will assist you in getting your valuation corrected. The process of issuing a building permit may seem complex, which it is. Johannesburg - Concerned Vosloorus residents have started a petition for Ayanda Junior Academy to be given an approval of occupancy certificate by the Ekurhuleni municipality.

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